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LOST COAST stone earrings


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These smooth soft beach stones were hand picked by me on the wild and pristine beaches of California’s LOST COAST. These simple naturally light weight stone earrings are something I wear everyday. I find myself choosing them 5 out of 7 days a week, the go with everything! Please allow for slight variations in the stone. The stones have been naturally tumbled and polished in the surf, I then rub  the stones with a small amount of mineral for sheen. Ear wires made by yours truly.

I have loved these smooth soft beach stones from the LOST COAST of California since I was a child.  I have been collecting them for decades and I am very excited to start using them in my jewelry designs. I begin by cutting a groove in the stone the same size as the sterling wire I’ll be using. . I then place the wire in the grooves so that it is flush with the stone.   I wrap the wire  securely around the stone creating a unique durable earrings that feel nice to the touch and looks great.  These are perfect for the adventurous nature lover in your life.


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